My name is André Bastos da Cunha.

My Engineering Physics education provided me with a strong mathematical and analytical background and enabled my mind with a keen sense of what makes things what they are. I'm used to work with sheer amounts of data, sometimes relating to rather abstract properties or parameters. Many times, at first sight, this data appears to be little more than noise or gibberish. As a physicist I've learned to manipulate and shape this data into something that can be visualized, interpreted and ultimately understood. I believe these abilities are precious to any kind of analyst in any subject and therefore I believe I'm ready to apply my experience in other areas.

I hold a MSc degree in Engineering Physics from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa with with 1st-class honours (1)*. Instituto Superior Técnico is currently the biggest and best college in the country according to the Times Higher Education Rankings and Engineering Physics holds the top position by applicant student entry grades in the entire country along with Aerospace Engineering by the same college.

I did a Master’s thesis on Applied Physics by studying the possibility of using a recently discovered property of light in optical communications. My work covered completely autonomous experimental conception and laboratory work, MATLAB based Optics simulations, MATLAB Data Analysis and a Theoretical Physics framework. I finished it with 1st-class honours.

During my studies, I did a lot of a work covering IT management, Web developing and marketing in a college related Science Outreach NGO NFIST (Núcleo de Física do Instituto Superior Técnico) and also worked part time in the Customer Support Department of the ISP Ar Telecom.

I define myself as a technologist humanist. I see myself as a persistent and resourceful person. I have an analytical mind and like to keep the Big Picture in check. Occasionally perfectionist and frequently creative.

* According to the Trinity College Dublin Grade Conversion Rules