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Cumulative GPA: 3.5/4.0

Athlone Institute of Technology, Lisbon, Portugal

MSc Applied Software Engineering

LM Ericsson and ICT Ireland scholarship

Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

MSc Engineering Physics 16/20, 1st-class honours (1.1), GPA: 3.5

Thesis Topic: Study of Photons Orbital Angular Momentum for Optical Communications






Publications, Conferences & Presentations

Instituto de Telecomunicações, Lisbon, Portugal

The 23rd Annual International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies ALT’15

  • Enabling the Study of Photons OAM Applications for Optical Communications

Optical and Quantum Electronics

  • Enabling the Study of Photons OAM Applications for Optical Communications

10th National Conference of Telecommunications CONF TELE 2015


Instituto de Telecomunicações, Lisbon, Portugal

Research pioneer in Portugal on twisted photons’ applications in optical communications.

Technical Customer Support Department
AR Telecom, Lisbon, Portugal

  • CRM
  • IT support
  • General customer support

College NGO Work

Núcleo de Física do Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Systems Administrator

  • Gentoo Linux
  • MySQL
  • Postfix
  • Apache
  • SSH
  • Bash
  • Others


  • Creation and management of multiple websites
  • Digitization of printed content
  • Content strategy
  • Content production (news, descriptions)

Head of Information

  • IT management
  • Information management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Promotional activities


Data Analysis • Data Science • R • Mathematical Modeling • Mathematica • Excel • Matlab • Origin • Python • Research • Information Management • Presentations • PowerPoint • Keynote • Word • Outlook • LaTeX • Image Processing • Photoshop • WordPress • HTML • Programming • Java • C • IT Management • Unix • Linux • Windows • Azure • MySQL • Physics • Energy Efficiency • Energy • Optics • Lasers • Optical Communications • Data Acquisition • Signal Processing • VHDL . FPGA . Microcontrollers • Xilinx ISE • AutoCAD • MPLAB • Scientific Writing • Technical Writing • Technical Support • Business Intelligence • Analytics • Photonics


English Full professional proficiency

Portuguese Native or bilingual proficiency

French Limited working proficiency


Proficient in data and statistical analysis with Excel, MATLAB, Mathematica, R, Origin among others;

Knowledgeable in market research regarding not only but mainly technology related private equity and experience in investing and trading in the capital markets;

Broad experience in crafting and presenting with Keynote, PowerPoint, Word, LaTeX among others for scientific projects, master thesis, research papers, scientific dissemination projects and activities and academic activities;

Experience with customer experience and dynamic team work environments.

Experience in image editing and processing projects using Photoshop for both design and scientific purposes;

Programming skills ranging from simulation and hardware control to data analysis and scripting using Java, MATLAB, VHDL, C and Python;

Experience programming in MPLAB IDE using PIC microcontrollers;

Experience programming integrated systems based on FPGAs Spartan-3E using Xilinx ISE;

Miscellaneous experience includes NetBeans IDE, AutoCAD, Acrobat Pro, Outlook among others;

Broad in-depth knowledge of several OS: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Linux and other Unix based software;

Overall wide and broad experience with computer hardware and software.


Took part in the Global Management Challenge in 2007 and 2010;

Took part in the Challenge 2 Learn in 2008

Approved in the written recruitment test by McKinsey & Company and took part in introductory activities to strategic consulting in 2008

Hobbies & Interests


Volunteer at WebSummit, Lisbon, Portugal


Founding member of the Aperture Collective, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Photographer and Webmaster.

Volunteer at Núcleo de Física do Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Regarding my extensive experience at NFIST, I continued to occasionally help the organization as a collaborator regarding activities of science and technology outreach focused on physics.

Photography, technology, cinema, social and psychological analysis, gym, personal improvement, investing, literature, travel, social networking, restaurants, fashion, videogames.


Check LinkedIn profile or under request.

Projects & Works


Portugal’s consumer electricity market is being liberalized which is resulting in higher direct costs to the consumer. ePlug aims to help the consumer to intelligently consume electricity in order to save money: a startup project for research and development of a low cost smart power plug to deploy in the Iberian market including a detailed five year business plan.


Bio detection technologies are traditionally big expensive machines used solely in a laboratorial environment. iDetect is a project to research and develop a portable low cost biodetection device using microarray technology in order to provide on the spot chemical detection and in loco diagnosis through a portable clinical analysis system.

Pois Café Energy Auditing

A thorough and comprehensive energy auditing work about a café installed on a medieval building which demanded very specific analysis including heating and cooling, appliance management, logistics and maintenance as primary energy data points, and a detailed cost optimization analysis based on the available market tariffs for electricity based on a build from the ground complex energy model.

Twisted Photons: The New Frontier in Optical Communications

The establishment of a partnership between the Institute of Telecommunications (IT) and Institute of Plasma and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN) in Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in order to pioneer the research of orbital angular momentum beams in optical communications by setting up a joint experiment.

The Role of Optic Fibers in Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery

An in-depth study and overview of cutting edge fiber optic sensing technologies applied in the oil and gas industry including an extensive review of real life case studies where these technologies were deployed and tested.

The Impact of Large Scale Penetration of Intermittent Renewables

The fast penetration of wind and solar energy created a big presence of intermittent power sources in some developed countries. This is a economic study about the impact of large scale penetration of intermittent renewable (mainly wind power) sources in Portugal and a proposal to reduce the costs associated with the electricity mix by making use of the country’s large hydroelectric resources.

Management of Science and Technology at IPFN

A comprehensive inside study about the Institute of Plasmas and Nuclear Fusion (IPFN) regarding the operational aspects of this organization regarding management of science and technology. This study was largely oriented by the head of the institute at the time.

Electronic Instrumentation Works

Development of several electronic instrumentation applications such as the microprocessor control of a remote experiment using PIC, the implementation of a communication protocols such as GPIB using VHDL and the development of an oximeter, a electrocardiograph, a sonar and several sensors.

Computational Physics Simulations

A comprehensive array of educational simulations based on Java of different physical systems such as a kinetic thermal gas, Einstein’s brownian movement, chaos mapping, a basic optical system, mechanics among others.

The State of the Art of Single Particle Tracking

At the present time, investigators analyse activity within cells, such as the behaviour of sub-cellular organelles, requiring the development of new and accurate methods to access smaller spatial and time scales. For this to be possible, frameworks of unprecedented time and space resolutions are needed and therefore a vast array of techniques is being developed.

The State of the Art of Coal Power Production

Coal based energy is under heavy scrutiny and criticism due to growing concerns over global warming effects and other environmental consequences. A comprehensive study about recent advances in several coal based power production techniques was performed in order to evaluate the future of coal since it accounts as the world’s main electricity source.

The State of the Art of Magnetic Tweezers

Magnetic tweezers are scientific instruments for the manipulation and characterization of biomolecules or polymers. This work provided an in depth review of the state of the art of these technologies.

Setting up and maintaining the server infrastructure for and dependent services.

8th Physics Week

  • The Physics Week is the main science outreach event organized by NFIST.
  • Coordination and distribution of information to promote the event.
  • Management and creation of creative materials regarding information related to the event;
  • Website design and management.

Physics on the Road II

  • The Physics in the Road is a science outreach event which brings physics to remote regions of the country.
  • Coordination and distribution of information to promote the event;
  • Management and creation of creative materials regarding information related to the event;
  • Website design and management.

9th Physics Week

  • Website design and management.

10th Physics Week

  • Website design and management.

Physics on the Road

  • Coordination and distribution of information to promote the event;
  • Management of creative material regarding information related to the event.